Actors Who Have Panic Attacks

There are many famous people like actors who have panic attacks. Sometimes we think that famous people have perfect lives and never have the problems that we do. How we wish to have the carefree lifestyle they seem to have. But so many actors, rock stars and other celebs have troubled pasts, addiction problems, low self esteem, eating disorders, depression, and anxiety issues. They are human afterall - just like us! In fact, the same forces that drive them to seek the limelight may also be at the root of their own emotional pain.

Hearing the stories of actors who have panic attacks, and of their struggles with anxiety, and of course their victories can help us realize that we are not so unusual ourselves. Almost everyone, even the most famous and "cool" people have issues they are struggling with.

Even tough guy Vinnie from the show Jersey Shore (not really an "actor" since Jersey Shore is afterall a reality show) has admitted to debilitating anxiety issues, and even left the show for a time to help himself recover.

We thank brave celebs for coming out in the open and talking about their problems. It gives the rest of us hope!

So, which actors have panic attacks?

Anxiety Disorders And Famous Names

Oscar-winner Reese Witherspoon has had panic attacks. This could have been triggered by her marriage problems. Sometimes, as mentioned elsewhere in this site, a major change can cause panic to surface.

Sir Anthony Hopkins, the fabulous British actor, unforgettable in his roles as Hannibal Lecter, the serial-killing cannibal, also had anxiety problems. (Watching Hannibal in action can give anyone anxiety!)

Burt Reynolds, Kim Basinger, Nicole Kidman and Sir Laurence Olivier are just a few actors who have also suffered anxiety disorder issues.

Yes, just about anyone can have trouble with anxiety, feel panicky sometimes or even have full blown panic attacks in public.

Panic Attacks Don't Care Who You Are

As you can see, these are famous names, people with more money than they one could ever imagine, and yet, they've been afflicted with this condition. They are also in the public eye.

Imagine having a panic attack just as the paparazzi are there, snapping photos. They could have a field day. Not knowing the truth, they could make up offensive and harsh headlines like "Kim Basinger, Drunk & Delerious" when she may actually be having a panic attack.

In that respect, it can be harder for them, being in the spotlight all the time. Panic can show up out of the blue. The last thing someone needs is unwanted attention.

Famous actors who have panic attacks have their own troubles. They too have to deal with it. The fact that they have influence or money doesn't make it any easier.

Famous or not panic attacks can make your life miserable! And famous or not, there are ways you can learn to manage anxiety so that your life can feel great again!


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