Agoraphobia Cure

Is there such thing as an agoraphobia cure ? Yes, and the most effective way to cure agoraphobia is through the use of cognitive behavior therapy principles.

The good news is that agoraphobia can be cured.

Your life need no longer be so painfully limited by agoraphobia.

Recovery from agoraphobia requires a lot of focus, determination and effort on your part. But this also means you are in control - with the help of some new knowledge and skill sets you can learn how to live life in comfort, calm & peace.

Agoraphobia Cure

Cognitive behavior therapy has been shown to be the most effective agoraphobia cure.

Cognitive behavior therapy involves re-training your mind, so that you can experience the world differently and develop a whole new set of thoughts, experiences, feelings and behaviors.

The world can become your friend, and you can be your own safe place. You become free to go anywhere you want because you have transformed yourself into the strong confident resilient person you were meant to be!

Cognitive behavior therapy is available in many forms.

See a therapist in person, read a book, use a workbook or find a self help program....One cognitive behavior therapy option will be right for you - or use them in combination


Ideally, you can go to a therapist trained in cognitive behavior therapy. Take some time to meet with a few and choose one you feel you can relate with.

Some therapists will be willing to meet with you in your home for the first few meetings if you are agoraphobic.

Expect to pay between $100 to $300 per hour. Most therapists recommend you meet with them once a week for at least 10 to 20 weeks. It is important to find someone that understands the treatment of anxiety, and in particular the treatment of agoraphobia. The combination of cognitive therapy and carefully orchestrated exposure therapy generally works best for most people.

The advantage of a therapist is that you have someone specifically trained to help you who will also support and push you to challenge yourself.

Sounds a little bit like a personal trainer doesn't it? Well it is - a personal trainer of the mind so to speak.

But what if you are unable to go to a therapist? What if you are not able to find a therapist or live far away or do not have the money for a therapist?

Just like you can get fit without joining a gym or without a personal trainer, you can utilize the concepts of cognitive behavior therapy yourself. You can help yourself with these same principles.

Books and Workbooks

There are many books available that provide excellent information on the principles of cognitive therapy. Some even include self help workbooks you can use.

Self Help Programs

A few self help panic and anxiety programs online utilize the principles of cognitive behavior therapy. These programs cost about the same as a couple of hours of therapy and have the advantage of being immediately downloadable directly to your computer.

This means you dont have to leave home to get them and you can start right away.

Regardless of whether you go to a therapist, read books, use self help programs or cognitive behavior workbooks or all of these - know that you are doing a good thing!

Cognitive behavior therapy is the road to agoraphobia cure.

You will finally stop wasting time and begin to fully experience life again. Have friends, go places, travel, work, feel great and lead the life you always wanted.

I must tell you though that this road to agoraphobia cure is effective and meaningful and sometimes fun - but it can be a hard road too.

It will sometimes requires you to deliberately push yourself to feel uncomfortable - sometimes very uncomfortable - for short periods of time as you move towards feeling better.

No one wants to feel uncomfortable! And yet the truth is if you have agoraphobia you already spend most of your day feeling pretty bad, dont you?

The uncomfortable feelings that can be part of cognitive behavior therapy are actually better because they are leading you to a new, happier tomorrow - in recovery from agoraphobia!

If you suffer from agoraphobia, I really feel for you. I know how scared you are and how frustrated you are with panic attacks and with living in the grip of fear.

Please go try the agoraphobia cure - in some form - please help yourself, and move on with your life!

The other option is to stay stuck in agoraphobia.

A Day in the Life of an Agoraphobic

"What is the big deal about going outside?? Just do it!"

"Don't you get bored just staying home all the time?"

"You are being ridiculous - snap out of it!"

Yes agoraphobia is hard to understand if you don't have it yourself.

Most of my day is spent in my bedroom. I have have my TV, fridge, bookcase, coffee maker, and laptop all here. This is the place I feel confortable and safe. The thought of driving to a shopping mall or even going for a short walk makes me feel shaky and strangely afraid. What happens if I get a panic attack while I am in the mall? What if it gets so bad that I have a heart attack? My friends and family think I have a big problem and I guess I do. I am just trying to control this thing so I don't feel so bad and lose my mind.

I used to have a job I loved and good friends at work. My life now is my room and my cat. And of course my computer. That's a true blessing. I can explore the world from my desk. I have friends online that I can text in forums or email. I do wish that I could lead a more normal life again but that seems to be something that will never be available to me again.

I sometimes feel so ashamed and lonely and sad that I have to be so different from everyone else. I used to be fit and healthy - I can`t get much exercise it seems - many days I just stay in bed. I feel like I am wasting my life.

written by Julie - an agoraphobia sufferer

Dont let this be your life. Try some form of cognitive behavior therapy today and get your agoraphobia cure.

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