Agoraphobia Facts

Learning and understanding agoraphobia facts can be an eye opening experience for most people. Unless you're a doctor or therapist, agoraphobia often makes no sense to the average person.

Agoraphobia is an anxiety disorder that develops when a person starts to avoid situations, people and places that trigger anxiety or panic attacks.

Avoidance Seems The Only Way Out

In order shield themselves from feelings of anxiety, agoraphobics often end up isolating themselves and avoiding stress inducing situations.

In some cases, agoraphobia may be so bad that he/she is never able to leave their home. On rare occasions, they can be confined to one room and leaving the room can provoke a panic attack.

This is so incredibly hard for the person, because in their logical minds, they know that there's no danger and it's not a dangerous situation, but leaving the comfort of a safe zone will induce terror. They don't know how to stop or prevent it.

This intense fear may be accompanied by powerful physical sensations. These physical feelings can be very frightening and disturbing and leaves them drained. Is it any wonder that avoidance is the only way for them?

Anyone can go to the corner shop and not even think about it. For an agoraphobic person, it's a difficult and frightening experience. Some may turn back to head back to the safety of home.

No one can say EXACTLY why anxiety disorders happen. There are several theories and research is ongoing. However, it is treatable, but requires hard work.

Getting Well Takes Time And Effort

Medication and therapy can help. Part of getting better is to face the fears and sensations. This is known as exposure therapy. Another method, known as 'flooding' is quite extreme. Basically, it's jumping in at the deep end, or, "come what may"!

Once you face the fear over and over again, it gets less and you eventually lose the fear. This doesn't mean you won't lose the feelings and sensations. Losing the fear is the key and requires hard work.

There are other ways to assist you in feeling better and reducing your overall feelings of anxiety and to maintain or even improve yourself. Hypnosis is a very good method of treating agoraphobia. You can even learn how to do self hypnosis. It's safe and has no side effects.

Many people use herbal remedies like PureCalm to help to calm themselves and bring back a level of soothing emotional balance. It may also help to combine a couple of methods and maintain the improvement.

Hopefully, these agoraphobia facts have helped those not afflicted in understanding what a debilitating and difficult illness agoraphobia is.

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