Agoraphobia Test:

Do you have agoraphobia?

Take this agoraphobia test - see if you have agoraphobia or are predisposed to it. Find out if you have it and if you do where to get help.

Agoraphobics typically suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. In an attempt to try to avoid anxiety inducing situations a person with agoraphobia usually just prefers to stay home. But soon the comfort of home becomes a trap.

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Agoraphobia Test

1) Do you experience episodes of frequent anxiety, panic attacks or severe anxiety? a) Yes b) No

2) Are you afraid of losing control in public places? a) Yes b) No

3) Are you afraid of being alone? a) Yes b) No

4) Do you experience feelings of helplessness? a) Yes b) No

5) Do you feel anxious when in places where you feel escape might be difficult (eg elevator, small room, airplane etc) a) Yes b) No

6) Have you had times where for prolonged periods you have been unable to leave the house? a) Yes b) No

7) Do you often feel detached from others? a) Yes b) No

8) Do you fear being dependant on other people? a) Yes b) No

9) Do you sometimes feel like your body is "unreal"? a) Yes b) No

10) Have you ever had the sensation that your surroundings are unreal or are moving unnaturally fast or loud? a) Yes b) No

If you have answered "yes" to two or more of these questions you may have agoraphobia, or be predisposed to getting it.

Agoraphobia Is An Anxiety Disorder

Agoraphobia is one of the anxiety disorders. It is generally preceded by panic attacks that turn into a panic disorder. It's estimated that 1 in 3 people with a panic disorder will develop agoraphobia.

When a person has many panic attacks and starts adjusting their lifestyle because of it, (which is understandable!), it becomes a panic disorder.

Panic attacks are terrible when they happen in a public place. It's one thing to get it in the privacy of your home, but in public, you can feel embarrassed and humiliated.

Agoraphobia Is A Trap

In a slow and natural way, you can fall into a trap of avoiding places, people and situations for fear of getting an attack.

For example, if you happened to get a panic attack in the subway, and it happened again on the subway, you may associate the subway with the attack and totally avoid it.

These situations increase. Pretty soon, you start to shut yourself off from nearly everything for fear of having a panic attack. You don't go anywhere unless accompanied by someone.

Get Help And Get Well

Luckily, there is help available for agoraphobia. This help can be in the form of drugs, therapy, natural, self help or alternative methods. You'll also need to make lifestyle changes if you want to get well, and stay well.

Getting well can be done. It's harder for some and may take longer. It may be hard and frightening work, but in the end, it has to be done and it CAN be done with help, patience and perseverance, or it can last for years!

How did you score on the agoraphobia test?

If you think you may have it, then make the move to get some form of help. Making this move is the first step on your road to recovery.

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