Anti Anxiety Medications And Prozac

There are numerous anti anxiety medications and prozac you may be surprised to know, can be one of them. Prozac is most commonly used for depression. But some studies have found it can be effective in reducing anxiety symptoms as well.

Prozac takes several weeks to have any beneficial effect but the side effects can start almost immediately. Side effects include dry mouth drowsiness, loss of appetite, headache , weight loss, and several others including the dreaded decline in sexual libido.

Be aware though that another possible prozac side effect in some people is increased anxiety or nervousness -- not what an anxiety sufferer wants!

You should also be extremely cautious in taking Prozac if you are already on certain anti-anxiety medications. There can be serious dangerous side effects!

Prozac Affects Serotonin Levels

Prozac is an antidepressant and is prescribed more than any other antidepressant. It's prescribed for panic disorder, depression OCD as well as other conditions.

Prozac is thought to work by making more serotonin available for the brain. Low serotonin is often seen in conjunction with depression and panic attacks.

The theory is that if your serotonin levels are out of whack, these problems can arise. But many people also questions whether low serotonin is actually a cause or a symptom or anxiety and depression.

Anti anxiety medications and prozac are definitely options that are out there if you need them as far as dealing with anxiety is concerned.

If it does not work, tell your doctor you don't feel it's made a difference. You can go on to something else. There's always something that will work for you, so never worry over this.

Check Out Other Options Besides Drugs

I truly am grateful for the advancements in science and medicine that have allowed us to battle serious diseases with antibiotics. You also won't find me speaking out against polio or diptheria vaccinations! Feel a migraine coming on --you will find me happily popping Advil.

The issue for me is that lately, medications seem to be the treatment of first resort - for practically any condition.

Weight loss, irritability, insomnia, anxiety, sadness - there is a pill for every problem.

But those pills usually come with side effects and dangers of their own - for which there is often another pill. Or at times the side effects of the drug are more troubling than the original condition.

And some side effects leave you with problems that will stay with you forever.

All the more frustrating if the medication was only treating symptoms - not eliminating the true cause of the condition.

I personally wish it was more the norm to check out the basics first - lifestyle issues, thinking patterns, diet, exercise, and other factors to try to find and eliminate the true cause of the problem - before resorting to medication - especially with mood disorders.

Doctors usually have just 10 billable minutes with every patient they see and want to do the best they can for each one. With the medicalization of mood disorders, the easiest and fastest treatment can be to take some medicine that will reduce symptoms. And this is what most of us want. Instant relief is good!

What about the underlying problem? The issues, thought patterns, self esteem, confidence, habits and personal history that is the cause of us feeling anxious or sad in the first place?

These issues are critical to look into and fix. Maybe our lives are not in alignment with our expectations and values. These things are important in healing.

Sometimes drugs such as prozac and anti-anxiety medications can help. But they should not be the only treatment.

Do You Have Anxiety and Depression?

Some people have anxiety and depression. If this is you and you decide to take medication for both conditions know that some anti anxiety medications and prozac should not be taken together. In particular benzodiazepines and prozac should be taken together with extreme caution if at all.

Also be sure not to take prozac if you have taken a medication known as a MAIO inhibitor within the past 14 days.

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