Anxiety And Depression Treatment

Finally! Scientifically proven anxiety and depression treatment that works! Wondering what this could be? Read on.

Many people used to think that anxiety and depression were opposites. Afterall, anxiety fills you with a enormous amounts of tense fearful energy and makes you ready to jump into action at a moments notice. Whereas depression has you feeling out of energy, listless and not wanting to do much at all.

However, both conditions share many commonalities and are actually more similar than you might at first think. Also, many people can have depression and anxiety at the same time.

This similarity has a direct influence on the type of treatments that are successful.

Shared Symptoms

Anxiety and depression actually share several symptoms. Both conditions are marked by negative, catastrophic thought processes, and worry.

These negative thoughts are also unrealistic and focus on imagined over-exagerated gloomy & horrific outcomes.

In addition, changes in levels of important brain chemicals such as serotonin and dopamine are seen in both conditions.

How Negative Thoughts Create A Viscious Cycle

If you feel anxious or depressed you will find yourself plagued by internal self critical thoughts that seem to constantly repeat themselves all on their own.

  • "Well, I guess I can never do anything right"
  • "I am the sort of person that people just don't like"
  • "Nothing ever goes right for me"
  • "If I take any risks at all, with my luck I am guaranteed the very worst possible outcome will occur>"
  • "I cannot trust myself to know what to do"
  • "People are staring at me and judging me"
  • "What will happen if I lose my job? I will disgrace my family and probably be homeless"
  • "I just can't seem to do anything right. I am a loser"

Do any of these statements sound familiar to you? Can you add your own list of negative statements that you have going through your head?

Some of these you might relate to, others you might recognize immediately as the absurd exagerations that they are.

There is something about our culture or our upbringing that tells us that negative thoughts are more "true" than positive "Little Polly Sunshine" thoughts.

And yet nothing could be further from the truth.

Think about it for a minute. Is the statement "I am a total loser" more realistic than "I am a unique person with many wonderful qualities - and like everyone else - some things that I could work on improving".

Clearly the last statement is more realistic. And it is more positive as well.

The danger of allowing yourself to think about and dwell on negative catastrophic thoughts is that thought patterns become self perpetuating habits.

But the beauty is - so do more realistic, healthy helpful thoughts.

This leads us to anxiety and depression treatment therapy of choice - which is cognitive beahvior therapy - aka CBT.

CBT for Anxiety and Depression Treatment

One reason why cognitive behavior therapy is an anxiety and depression treatment of choice is that it helps you to retrain your brain.

With CBT you learn to notice and stop unrealistic negative thought patterns and replace them with more realistic, more positive, healthier thoughts.

With time and assistance you gradually build a whole new set of more realistic thought patterns that energize and movivate and comfort you.

Find out more about cognitive behavior therapy here.


In some cases, medication may be a part of anxiety and depression treatment. Find out more about anxiety and depression medication that might be prescribed.

Exercise is an Amazing Anxiety and Depression Treatment

Yes it sounds too simple doesn't it? But actually many scientific studies have shown over and over again that exercise is more effective than medication in reducing the symptoms of both anxiety and depression.

Our bodies are made to be moving. Everything in us is based on continual movement - walking, lifting, running, stepping, carrying - these are naturally normal parts of the demands of our bodies for most of our waking hours.

What happens if we just sit inside in front of a computer, or at a desk or on the sofa hour after hour, day after day?

We tend to think we can treat our bodies pretty much any way we want and expect them to stay resilient. They do to an extent, but inactivity and lack of fresh air and oxygen and the calming energizing effects of being outdoors and moving take their toll.

You will be surprised about how much better you feel if you get yourself started on a simple exercise program and stick with it.

It is one of the best anxiety and depression treatment programs out there!

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