Anxiety And Depression Videos

Videos about anxiety and depression are produced by a variety of mental health organizations, and sometimes even by patients themselves.

Those with anxiety disorder often are vulnerable to becoming depressed too, so learning more about both conditions can be very helpful if you are suffering from anxiety or someone you love is.

Anxiety and depression videos can be effective tools in communicating exactly what it is like to experience anxiety or depression. They can also inform of treatment methods, new developments, theories and even spark ideas in how to best manage these conditions.

We will post the most interesting and informative videos as we come across them. Please let us know if you have one to recommend.

The first two videos are produced by The World Health Organization and talks about the experience of depression (and getting over it too!)

Montel Williams talks about his experience with depression

What is depression?

This short video gives an overview of the symptoms,causes and treatment of depression.

Anxiety Medication Videos

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