Anxiety Attack Symptoms

You often hear people say "Oh my gosh I just about had an anxiety attack over that!" or other such statement to emphasize a feeling of stress or worry they might have had.

But a full blown anxiety attack is much more than a passing state of anxious feelings and involves several physical and mental signs and symptoms.

Some people use the phrases "anxiety attack" and "panic attack" interchangeably. The signs and symptoms are very similar but most people feel that a panic attack is a more severe version of an anxiety attack.

Following are the most common symptoms of anxiety attacks:

Sudden Feeling of Coldness

If you are having an anxiety attack, one thing you will probably notice right away is a feeling of coldness especially in your arms and legs.

Trembling or Shaking

You may notice your arms and legs shaking as well. Have you ever heard the phrase "trembling with fear"? Trembling and shaking are among the most common anxiety attack symptoms.


Another of the most common anxiety attack symptoms is nausea! You feel your stomach tighten into a knot and may become worried that you might even vomit. Some people actually do.

Difficulty Breathing

You may also feel that you can't get enough air, that you need to breathe more quickly or are having to gasp for air. This can also sometimes result in a choking feeling. You may actually start breathing too quickly or shallowly and as a result hyperventilate.

Dizziness and Feeling Faint

Another possible sensation you may experience is feeling very dizzy or feeling like you might faint.


You may feel your heart pounding in your chest, or beating very quickly or even as though it is skipping beats. Some people feel tightness in their chest or chest pain and wonder if they might be having a heart attack.

Panic Thoughts

You will find that you have difficulty thinking clearly and that your thoughts seem to be racing. You may feel that you need to urgently act but your mind seems to be racing in circles, and you don't know what to do.

You will probably feel uneasy, apprehensive and uncertain - feeling like you are not in control and that unpleasant events may be about to happen.

Your anxious thoughts may be just a general feeling of dread or they may focus on an upcoming anticipated event or a current activity you are engaged in.

Have You Ever Had Anxiety Attack Symptoms ?

If you have you may want to find out more about symptoms of anxiety attacks, how you can help yourself if you are having one, and what options there are for treatment so that you can feel more comfortable and relaxed.

You may have just had one isolated experience of this high level of anxiousness. If so, don't worry about it. Just forget about the incident and move on.

Do you have frequent anxious feelings to the extent that they are interferring with your life? If you find that you are limiting your activities, avoiding or exessively worrying about certain situations should take action to help yourself feel better soon.

Ignoring your symptoms or deciding to just avoiding certain situations may seem like the easiest way to manage, but paradoxically avoidance will actually increase the problem!

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