Anxiety Attacks

Anxiety attacks and panic attacks are terms that are used interchangeably and have come to be regarded as the same thing. An anxiety attack is a period of intense fear with physical sensations.

When you initially start having these episodes, it can be extremely frightening and confusing. You feel helpless, powerless, fear that your time has come or that you're going mad.

"Something's Just Not Right"

You may run to the emergency room. You may end up going from doctor to doctor. No one can tell you what's wrong. All tests are normal. YET, you know something is just 'not right'.

You're right. There is a problem. Most doctors and the tests you go through won't be able to tell you what's wrong. However, it IS important to go through these tests to rule out ANY possibility of a serious physical condition.

Only a doctor trained in this field can make a proper diagnosis. And the good news is that the condition is treatable and allows you to recover and claim your life back.

It's very important to seek help and follow the advice of your doctor or therapist and do the assignments you may be given as part of your therapy. Anxiety can lead to other conditions.

It could lead to an anxiety disorder. You may develop agoraphobia. It can cause depression. However, even if this DOES happen, all of this can still be treated quite successfully.

It doesn't mean that you take a pill, or that you're seeing a doctor, that you'll be fine in a couple of weeks. You'll need to put in effort and work at it. You'll need to practice.

Alternative Therapies

There are drug-free methods that can also be used quite successfully. For example, you could use hypnosis for anxiety attacks. Most people are good candidates for hypnosis, so it's worth a try.

Remember that to take away a lot of confusion and to make you understand, read up and try to find out as much as you can. Understanding what's happening to you is just part of the recovery process and taking back what's yours - your life.

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