Anxiety Disorder And Panic Attack

If you have an anxiety disorder and panic attack is a problem, try to get treated quickly. Not only is treatment available but it works and can help prevent other problems.

Panic attacks can develop into other conditions, almost like a snowball effect. If you suffer from them and are not sure whether to seek treatment or not, and you're hoping it will go away, please seek treatment.

Panic Attacks Can Lead To Other Anxiety Disorders

Panic attacks can lead to panic disorder, which is an anxiety disorder, of which there are several. These include:

- agoraphobia

- social anxiety

- obsessive compulsive disorder

- generalized anxiety disorder

If you get frequent panic attacks and begin to fear the next one, and you change your lifestyle to adapt to the possibility of the next attack, it's now developed into a panic disorder.

On average, 1 in 3 panic disorder sufferers will develop agoraphobia. That's a frightening statistic. If you develop this condition, you almost feel like a prisoner, trapped by your mind and the fears within it.

You naturally learn all the things that you should not do (like avoidance). When it comes time to unlearning it, climbing Mount Everest seems easier. To make matters worse, depression can set in.

As you can see, this is not a negative scenario, but a very realistic and possible one, one which I hope I can help you from being trapped in (you can thank me later!)

Speak to your doctor and get a referral, because your family doctor won't be able to treat you. You may need to see a therapist or a psychiatrist, especially if your panic is bad and requires medication.

Cognitive behavioral therapy alone may be enough for your anxiety disorder and panic attack, but by speaking to a professional, you'll worry less and you will have a clearer vision of your plan towards recovery.

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