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SSRI medications

SSRI or selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors are commonly prescribed for depression and sometimes prescribed for anxiety disorders.

They include medications like Zoloft, Prozac and a wide variety of others.

They work by passing throught the blood/brain barrier and acting upon the synapses of your nerve cells in your brain. They impact the levels of serotonin and the way serotonin is processed in your body.

When you take SSRI medications be prepared for a brief lag before they begin to work when you first start taking them. They often take a few days to weeks to take effect.


When taking SSRI medication, be aware that your body will quickly develop a tolerance for them, which means that you will begin to experience your depression and anxiety symptoms again. Your doctor will usually react by increasing the amount of medication or to switching you to another drug.

That is why you hear of so many people who are repeatedly trying a different drug for depression when their current one no longer works.

SSRI medication does not address the root cause of the symptoms of anxiety or depression, but does provide temporary relief from them.

You will not get over anxiety or depression until you fix the root cause.

Withdrawal Process:

SSRI medication can be very difficult to stop taking, but it is possible. If you choose to do so be sure to do under a doctor's supervision and take extra care of your body during the several week process - ensuring you stay hydrated, eat nutritious foods and get enough sleep - as the withdrawal process puts extra stress on your body.

Many people are now recognizing that it may actually be easier to address the root cause of anxiety and depression rather than delaying it with medication.

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