Anxiety and Panic Attacks At School

Having anxiety or a panic attack at school is one of the most difficult things that can happen to any child. It's bad enough when you're an adult, it's devastating to a child. Children can be cruel and make the most hurtful remarks to a child with panic attack / disorder. They may also laugh and make fun, not realizing how damaging this is.

This could cause a panic-stricken child to lose confidence and have low self-esteem. It could cause them to fear even going to school. Because an anxiety or panic attack can come out of the blue, a child may not be able to concentrate. Grades may drop, leading to further problems.

Stop Other Mental Issues From Developing

Without treatment, anxiety and panic usually just get worse. Often, sufferers develop other conditions such as social anxiety, depression and possibly even agoraphobia. The sooner you get a child help the better. My advice is to seek the help of a good child psychologist. You will want to search for one that your child feels comfortable with, one that your child likes and seems to relate to. In any therapy, the quality of the relationship between the therapist and the patient is of utmost importance. In fact many studies say that this relationship is crucial for obtaining results.

Involve The School

The school,teacher and guidance counselor can certainly play their part in helping a child through difficult times. It is important to advise each of these important people in your clild's life. If the child is having an episode, he / she may want to leave and should be allowed to do so.

Let the child know that they will be given full support. This will give the child a boost in confidence. Ask the child what to do that will help.

If a child misses important work, arrange it so that they don't miss out and fall behind. Get in touch with the child's doctor (if it's alright to do so) and work with the doctor, parents and child.

If a child with anxiety or a panic attack at school can be given help, in a few weeks or months, they will start to feel better and gain confidence. They can be kids again.

For anxiety and depression young children can turn to effective natural and alternative treatments.

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