Do You Suffer From Too Much Anxiety Stress and Worry ?

Anxiety stress and worry are so common in our modern lives. At times life can feel overwhelming and too much to handle! You may feel like everything is about to go wrong if you don't struggle to keep control of everything around you. You feel tense, anxious, unable to relax, let go and live your life.

Anxiety is a normal part of being human. Everyone experiences feeling anxious from time to time.

But sometimes anxiety begins to take control of your life. You find yourself consumed by anxiety stress and worry, and no longer able to enjoy life.

Stop anxiety without medication!

If you are starting to feel like being anxious - either in general or in response to specific situations - is having a significant negative impact on your life, it is time to start doing something about it!

Fear and anxiety are old survival responses

Anxiety itself is not a "bad" thing - anxiety is fear and fear has a very useful ancient function in helping us to escape danger. Because of this you would never want to eliminate it totally from your life. But you do want to manage it more effectively, so that you are in charge, not your nervousness!

A sense of fear or anxiety is actually related to chemical changes in our bodies. This system can charge your body up with a blast of power and remarkable strength to enable you to escape danger. The classic "fight or flight" mechanism.

Our Modern Sedentary Life - Foods and Habits - Contribute To Anxiety Stress and Worry

In the wild, the powerful neurochemicals blast through your body and are quickly discharged once the body reacts - most often by by fighting or running away quickly.

Since we lead rather sedentary lives in the modern world, the neurochemicals that are released continue to flow through our bodies.

We are left with a feeling of anxiety stress and worry that never seems to go away.

Certain substances such as nicotine, refined sugars, and caffeine can also contribute to feelings of anxiety because they cause chemical reactions in the body that are similar to the flight or fight response.

Our Intelligent Minds Complicate Matters!

Complicated creatures that we are, we humans sometimes react to feelings of anxiety stress and worry by getting even more worried about being worried!

We sometimes begin to obsess about situations, or avoid situations in the hopes of allieviating feelings of fear, anxiety stress and worry!

All of this usually just makes things worse!

Don't Wait! Help Yourself Now!

As you can see the longer you wait to deal with overwhelming feelings of anxiety stress and worry, the more complicated and difficult to get rid of it is!

Anxiety, stress and worry can be controlled but it does require focus and committment and work on your behalf to change your thinking patterns and lifestyle choices.

Yes you can take medication for anxiety, and in some cases it may be a required short term solution - but you are just hiding the symptoms - not getting at the cause!

If you think you might be having trouble with anxiety you will be glad to know that there are many effective ways you can ease the pain of anxiety - from therapy, to self-help, hypnosis and even anti anxiety herbs!

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