Best Ways To Relax

Here are some techniques & proven best ways to relax for general stress relief and anxiety self help.


Exercise is one of the most effective methods to reduce stress and stop anxiety. It also works for depression. Exercise washes away the damaging effects of cortisol (caused by stress) in your body and floods it with "feel-good" hormones.

Take a Walk in Nature

forest road

Exercise has been named as one of the most effective ways you can ease both anxiety and depression! Over the long term it is far more effective than medications, and there is the added bonus of becoming more fit and healthy at the same time.

If you haven't been active for awhile it can be difficult to start exercising. Remember than any amount of additional exercize is beneficial. Start out small and you will find yourself developing an exercise habit within a month. Walking is easy to start out with, it is free and very relaxing!

Try a walk or jog out in nature for added benefit. Many studies have demonstrated the healing and calming effect of being out in natural settings. Breathe in the fresh air, giving yourself more oxygen and get in touch with the beauty of nature.

Being outside in the natural world is a great way to put our problems in perspective. It's also a way to feel connected with life and to get in touch with the joy of being alive.

A brisk walk outside in a natural setting is one of the best ways to relax no matter season or weather!

Relax in a Steamy Hot Bath

Oh my! This is one of my top favorite best ways to relax. A steamy hot bath, calm soothing candlelight, and bubbles soothes the body and mind. Add a touch or lavender scent, a good novel, and maybe a little glass of wine or chamomile tea.

At the end of a busy day, this is a wonderful way to relax your body and calm your mind.


The scent of lavender has an especially calming effect on our nerves. You can buy small vials of essential oil and sprinkle it in your bath or put a small drop on your pillow at night to help you sleep.

Uplifting Happy Music

Listen to upbeat, happy, joyful music. Music has an amazing ability to influence our moods. The right tune can melt your stress away.

Dance to the beat or talk a walk with your mp3 player and gain the added benefit of exercise for extra stress relief.

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Self Hypnosis

Self hypnosis is definitely one of the best ways to relax, and it's easy to learn!

Interested in learning how? Follow these easy steps for self hypnosis instruction because it will help you feel calm and comfortable.

If you have 20 minutes & a quiet place, you can quiet your racing thoughts, stop anxiety and feel calm and relaxed.

Self hypnosis relaxes your mind and body.

Make an Appointment with Yourself to Worry!

As silly as this might sound, it is often effective to write down what you are stressed out about, and then allocate a specific timeframe to address these issues.

Our minds often do not like to rest until we have closure on unresolved issues. We react by getting "busy" minds and racing thoughts which keep invading our peace.

Put your mind to rest by identifying what is worrying you and setting aside a specific hour or so during which you will develop a plan to deal with these issues - and even worry about them if you like.

This action can be one of the best ways to relax as it gives your mind the satisfaction of knowing that you have attended to these items.

Relax with Yoga

Yoga is one of the most amazing experiences in the world. By practicing yoga you are not only exercising your body, you are also quieting your mind.

lady relaxing in yoga position

Talk to a Friend

Simply talking your worries out with an understanding friend can be one of the best ways to relax. Let your friend know if you are seeking advice or just wanting to talk and vent.

Seek out a person to talk with in person, on the phone or evewn online.

The opportunity to discuss issues with a sympathetic friend can be very powerful. Other people can often soothe our worries by relating to us and may also provide perpectives we never thought of.

Watch a Funny Movie

Sit back and watch a funny movie or video. Not only will you get distracted from your worries but humour can help put things in perspective for you.

Once you begin to smile and laugh, a chemical chain reaction takes place in your body that promotes feelings of calm.

Pamper Yourself

Sometimes the best ways to relax are to take time out to pamper yourself. Go to a spa and have a facial, manicure, pedicure or massage.

Get your hair styled, indulge yourself. If your budget is tight, have fun by getting together with girlfriends and giving each other the spa treatment at home.

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