FREE TIPS Coping During Panic Attacks

Panic attacks can be very frightening. These free tips coping during panic should be of help to you!

Changing Thoughts

Try to be conscious of your thoughts and remain positive. Up to this point, you've probably had negative thoughts. This is understandable, and in fact, quite natural. Slowly change this.

Instead of thinking 'what if' thoughts, start thinking 'so what' thoughts. Don't think, "What if it gets worse? What if I make a fool of myself?" Instead, think, "So what if it's happening. It will pass soon." Focus on the positive, flush negative thoughts down the toilet.

Tell yourself you've survived it before and that you will survive it again. Tell yourself it's normal for you. This is your body. This is what you have. Let it be there and accept it.

Allow yourself permission to feel this way. Embrace it. Stay in this moment with your feelings. As it is happening, take a step back, slow down and see how far "it" can go.

After it passes, praise yourself for surviving it again. You always will. And never be stingy with praise. Panic is difficult. You've survived it. Let yourself know. Feel good about it.

When an attack strikes, immediately try to think, "Ok, here's a chance to practice these free tips coping during panic." Every panic attack is a chance to practice and get better. It's harder if attacks are few and far between though.

Abdominal Breathing

Practice your breathing BEFORE panic strikes. Panic tends to make someone hyperventilate, making the situation worse. If you do special abdominal breathing, it should help when an attack hits you.

Take a slow, deep breath with your nose. Imagine the air going into your tummy, not your lungs. Watch your tummy swell with air. Don't let your chest swell. Practice this slowly.

Hold for 3 or 4 seconds, then gently release the air through your mouth. Let the exhalation part of the exercise be slightly longer than the inhalation. Don't overdo it. If you feel dizzy, stop.

When having an attack, instead of going tense, let go. Don't fight it. You can't. Instead, accept it and go absolutely limp. Just flow with it and let go completely. Just think to yourself, "Go limp."

These are all things that will help. It takes time, it takes practice. And it's certainly not easy. In fact, it is very, very difficult. That's why you need to practice, practice, practice.

If you keep at it, you will manage an attack better. And when you do, the fear of it gets less and less. Hopefully, these free tips coping during panic will make a change in your life.

You Will Get Through This and You Will Be Okay!

How To Cope During A Panic Attack

Accept the Fear Accept this is happening and that you are having a panic attack - this actually makes it better. Fighting it makes it worse and takes up energy that you could be using to feel better!

Remind yourself you are not in any real danger This is just a physical sensation that will pass.

Use your breathing technique Practice breathing through your stomach, not shallow through your chest.

Visualize yourself in a safe peaceful place This may be a special place you know or a beach, cottage, out in nature etc. It is good to think ahead of time and have a peaceful scene already chosen to use if you have a panic attack.

Tense and Release Each Muscle Go through your body muscle by muscle and tense hard and then then releaase. You will be surprised at how much tension you will discover in surprising muscle groups (eg in your face or in your hands and also at how relaxed you can become this way.

Breathe into a paper bag to stop hyperventilation If you start to hyperventilate (breathe super fast in short gasping breaths) just breathe into a paper bag for 10 or so minutes.

Distraction - If you have a friend with you try distracting yourself by talking about something else for a bit -- this often helps!


If you have had panic attacks before, I urge you to get treatment! The problem just gets more complex and convoluted if you leave it -- and there are many solutions.

There are even things you can start to do now - like diet and exercise and lifestyle changes and also programs that work that you can do in your own home - and in some cases instantly download!

There are several different treatment possibilities for panic attacks.

Options include:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy



Herbal Remedies

I hope these free tips coping during panic attack have helped you! We have lots more information on how to get better, stories of our own to share and research findings as well!

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