Girls Bullying Girls

Are you a girl or a teen being bullied by other girls? Here's some tips that can help stop girls bullying girls. But first let's talk a bit about bullying.

girls bullying other girls

Bullying Is Wrong & Hurtful

We all know that bullying is wrong and can be very hurtful. But that doesn't seem to stop some girls from doing it!

Girls bullying girls can cause hurt, anxiety, pain, low self esteem, anger, resentment, self doubt and depression.

There Is Help

If you or someone you know is being bullied, please know that there are things you can do to get help. The other thing to realize is that bullying is NOT about you.

You Are An Awesome Person!

If you are being bullied, please know that cruel things that other people say or do to you are not true. You are an awesome person, you are unique, and have so many wonderful things to share with the world.

You are important, and we need you!

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There is hope and life will get better. School years can be rough but a meaningful fantastic life is right around the corner. The rest of your life is not like school - believe me :)

Why Bullies Bully

Bullies almost always bully in an attempt to try to get rid of inner pain. They usually have something bothering them in their lives. They are striking out at others in order to try to make themselves feel better. It doesn't work!

They may be bullied themselves at home, they may have family problems, they may have other reasons for feeling badly that none of us know about. Some bullies are not even aware of what is bothering them and bullies would never admit to others that this is the reason why they are so mean to others.

Sadly, bullying is hurtful to everyone involved - the bully still feels bad and their problems are still there - and it makes those who are being bullied feel terrible.

The fact that a bully has problems does not excuse their behavior though - it is still very wrong!

Girls Bullying Girls

girl sad because she has been bullied by other girls

Bullying by girls can often go un-noticed by teachers, parents and other authorities. Girls bullying girls usually involves name calling, exclusion from groups, whispering, cruel teasing, and shunning.

In some schools, the dangers of bullying are not understood and students feel it is ok to bully others. It is NOT ok.

What You Can Do If You Are Being Bullied

If you are being bullied, there are many things you can do to help yourself feel better and to get the bullying to stop.

  • Realize that YOU are a great person and this is not about you!
  • Keep reminding yourself that you are awesome. One of the dangers of bullying is that you start to feel bad about yourself. Don't - you are an amazing wonderful person!
  • Find ways to boost your self esteem and confidence in yourself. Learn a sport, start a hobby, join a club, get really good grades, draw, paint, write, dance, learn to ice skate, horseback ride, or fish! Anything that you like that you can feel good about.
  • Learn to stand up tall and straight and look people in the eye. Get brave!
  • Practice standing up for yourself.
  • No matter what - don't give up things or do things you don't really want to do in the hopes of being "liked" by others. It doesn't really work and some bullies use this to manipulate and use people.
  • Find another group of people to interact with that are nice. They could be family members, or new people in a club or a group outside school. This can help balance out the hurtful effects of being bullied.
  • Give yourself pep talks to boost your self esteem and catch yourself if you start thinking bad thoughts about yourself. Do not repeat the things the bully says to yourself and start thinking they are true. That would make you a bully too!
  • Ask a parent, teacher, school counsellor, or other adult for advice. Almost everyone has had experience being bullied at some time in their life.
  • If being bullied is making you feel anxious, depressed, very sad, or hopeless - or if you feel you are in danger tell a parent, teacher, or someone else you trust. Ask for help!

Tips to Stop Girls Bullying Girls

Please remember if you are affected by girls bullying girls that there is help for this and that you are a wonderful person! Never forget that!

stop sign no bullying

One of the biggest dangers of girls bullying girls is that we start to believe the cruel word that the bullies say, and feel badly about ourselves.

Don't. What they say and do reflects their own hurt and lack of character. It is really not about you but about them.