Guided Imagery Meditation

Guided imagery meditation is an easy and effortless way to learn to meditate! This is something all of us should be doing. You can only benefit - there are no downsides to this.

"What you think you become" ~ Buddha

One of the best ways to reduce anxiety and calm your mind is meditation. Meditation has been known throughout the ages as a means to connect with our inner selves. It has scientifically proven healing, calming, and spiritual benefits.

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Meditating can actually change your life for the better because it helps you become clear about who you are, what you value and where your place in the world is. It disperses worry & stress and calms your racing mind. It lets you experience living fully in the moment. And it's benefits last far beyond the end of your actual meditation session.

Benefits of Meditation

Meditation benefits you in so many ways - physically ,mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Here are just some of the many benefits for you if you meditate:

  • Calm your mind, quiet racing thoughts
  • Slower heart rate
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Focus your thoughts
  • Regulates and slows breathing
  • Improved immune system function

Traditional Methods Can Be Difficult to Learn

Have you ever tried to look for a class in meditation in your home town or city? They are often difficult to find and when you do, the sessions are often just once or twice a week.

Some forms of traditional meditation such as transidental cost thousands of dollars. Of course this course will enable you to become so skilled at meditating you could probably become a Zen monk!

But if you just want to learn how to meditate but not necessarily devote your whole life to it, guided imagery mediation is the way to go. It is so easy to learn, and the health benefits are huge!

Guided Imagery Meditation Uses Your Imagination

Guided imagery meditation uses your imagination to calm and focus your mind. Instead of chanting mantras, as is common in other forms of meditation, you are guided through a series of scenes which you are asked to imagine in detail.

You are guided through each scene and gradually become more relaxed and more calm.

We often use our imaginations to worry about what might happen in the future, don't we? Well, guided imagery meditation puts our imaginations to use in calming, soothing, and relaxing us.

A series of beautiful, peaceful scenes drifts through your mind almost like a waking dream.


You find yourself deeply involved and feeling more serene and comforted. You gain a whole new perspective on your life. Afterwards you feel refreshed and re-energized with a new sense of hope and connection to your life.

Until you have experienced it you won't fully appreciate what guided imagery meditation can do.

How do you meditate using guided imagery?

You can start out in a class or you can use a guided imagery CD. Either way works well and it depends on what is available to you and what your personal schedule is like. Some people do both.

Guided Imagery Meditation Group Instruction

Find a group class in your own city or town. If you can't find one (not every place has them) check with local yoga or even sports instructors to see if they offer it.

Check for classes like these in the yellow pages of your city.

Guided Imagery Meditation CDs

Using a CD enables you to reap all of the benefits in the comfort of your own home, at whatever time of day or night you choose.

Here is an example of a good guided imagery CD to use that is made specifically to help with relaxation and stress reduction.

Images That Will Change Your Life - The Process

Whichever guided imagery method you choose the process will be similar. You will relax in quiet surroundings, in a comfortable place, preferably slightly darkened, with your eyes closed.

Your instructor, either live or on the CD, will help you to get yourself comfortable and then ask you to imagine specific scenes and will help you to experience them fully with all of your senses.

Many times soft, calming music is playing in the background.

Your instructor will then use visualization to help you relax your body even further and you will be led through a series of peaceful imagined scenes. These scenes will be specially tailored to be meaningful to you and to help create in you a sense of calm focus.

You will find that your mind becomes quiet, and that you are immersed in the process, and that the usual mental chatter that we all have in our minds fades away.

The scenes your instructor will ask you to experience will positive, comforting, serene, energizing & relaxing in nature. You will find that when your mind is so involved in "being" in these relaxing scenes that you are filled with calm, happy confident feelings.


"Your life spark fires from within your innermost temple. No one can reach there but you." ~ Osho Rajneesh

Relaxation Is Just the Beginning

It may take several sessions to feel like you have mastered the process of relaxing and letting go in a guided imagery meditation session. Rest assured that everyone can do this! Once you have you will find that you become increasingly relaxed and centered, both during the meditation and afterwards as well..

You begin to understand that you can trust yourself. You realize that you can have more confidence in yourself & your abilities to handle anything life throws at you. Since you know you can handle it you can let go and EXPERIENCE everything freely without worry.

Another benefit you will gain is enhancing your ability to decide which thoughts and feelings you want to focus on.

Guided imagery meditation can go well beyond becoming calmer and more relaxed however. It can also be used to gain confidence, learn a new skill, and get closer to your life purpose.

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