20 More Ways to Stay Relaxed & Enjoy The Holidays

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The holidays are so special, but the stress of so many things to do, the shopping crowds, and high expectations can make our nerves frazzle!

Those of us who are already prone to anxiety feel it even more.

"This small guide is a treasure! The tips are really useful all year round. Number 9 is my personal favorite."

~ Amy Whitaker

Make this year the best holiday season ever

  • Learn the #1 cause of holiday stress and how to eliminate it fast.
  • A simple technique you can use all year to relax instantly.
  • How to shop for gifts the no-stress way
  • Create more meaningful relationships with loved ones - even those you don't usually get along with.
  • and much more!

"Thanks for these. It is so nice to have all these stress relief secrets close by where I can refer to them when I need to. I have started the habit of doing one or two each day. It is a fun little treat to thumb through the guide each morning to see which ones I will do."

Jocena Jackson

As you can probably tell, our passion is to help people get less anxious, relax and be able to enjoy life.

The holidays are such a special time it is a shame to have anxiety issues get in the way. We go beyond aromatherapy, meditation and stress free shopping tips (yes, those are all in there) with inspirational ideas that will help you all year round on a deeper level.

Start the holidays and the New Year (2012 already?) on the pathway to a calmer more satisified life.

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~ Chelsea

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