Holiday Stress - Why Does It Happen?

The holiday season can be one of the most blessed times of the year. Families gather together with loved ones, people travel across the world to see one another, gifts are given, and relationships lovingly sealed.

The holidays are fun and family focussed. It is a magical and special time of year.

snow man bonne homme

But it is also one of the most stressful. In fact, Christmas is officially listed as one of the most stressful events in a person's life.

Why is that?

Extreme Expectations

Part of the reason for all of the stress is that we have built up expectations for the holiday season through movies, books and advertisements that no real person or family could ever achieve.

Healthy, happy, smiling loving family members who join together in perfect harmony eating a bountiful turkey dinner made by Mom and expertly carved by Dad - the table groans with the weight of the sumptuious meal.

They toast to their health and then go out into the snowy weather to sing carols to neighbours and help out by delivering secret gifts to poor families.

Excited cheerful rosy cheeked children race off to bed in their little footy pajamas after Mom and Dad help hang the stockings by the fireplace for Santa.

Everyone is happy, cheerful and glad to be together.

Yes you can have this - or some version of this perfect picture - but give yourself a break.

Instead realize that....

  • Every year everything won't be absolutely perfect. And that's perfectly okay.
  • You really have no control over how other people act, what they say or how they feel.
  • Be compasionate.You never know what challenges others have that may make them hold back, withdraw, lash out or otherwise act out.
  • There are many ways to paint this perfect picture. It doesn't need to be the same each year. Don't get so fixed in a specific tradition that there is no flexibility. Allow room for change.

This holiday make it a daily habit to breathe deeply, slow down, appreciate those who love you, and go with the flow.

20 Secrets To A Stress Free Holiday

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I am imagining how you will incorporate these other tips for a stress free holiday? You may want to do them all at once, do one a day, or even share them with others.

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Doesn't this family look extremely uncomfortable? My neck hurts just looking at them!

Happy Holidays - Wishing You Peace, Calm & Joy