How To Reduce Anxiety

Feeling anxious? Want to know how to reduce anxiety fast?

Here are some secrets to reducing the amount of anxiety you feel on a daily basis. Whether you have mild issues or are seriously impacted by anxiety, these tips are helpful ways to reduce the amount of anxiety you experience.

If you have serious anxiety I recommend you also take a look at the various treatment programs and plans that are available. But don't ignore the following strategies on this page - they are proven ways to reduce anxiety!

These strategies are effective, low cost (or free!) and for the most part easy to do without any special equipment.

Easy Steps To Reduce Anxiety

Surprise! - Play a Video Game!

Studies have shown that intense goal oriented activity, such as a video games for example, reduces stress and anxiety.

Surprised? Yes, so were we! My son was overjoyed to hear scientific evidence that videogaming can actually be good for you!

But this can be a great strategy for adults as well as kids.

Be sure to choose a game with content that is not in itself upsetting however.

Good choices are games rated "E for Everyone"

Even if you have never tried video gaming before, check it out - it may be distracting and fun enough to help.

If video games are just not your thing - any intense, reasonably fast paced goal oriented activity will do. You want the activity to be so involved that your mind needs to really focus in order to perform it.

Eat Bananas Brazil Nuts and Drink Milk


Bananas and milk contain lots of magnesium - which has been shown to ease stress. Those with anxiety issues are often deficient in this mineral.

Brazil nuts contain the mineral selenium - a mineral helpful in soothing the nervous system.

Let It Go

One secret to how to reduce anxiety is to realize that you cannot control everything and worrying about something does not really help at all.


The absolute star method on how to reduce anxiety in my opinion is exercise - and lots of it.

Walk, run, bicycle, swim, ski, play a game!

play sports exercise

Physical exercise is one of the best ways of ridding yourself of stress.

Exercise burns off the stress hormones that are produced when we are afraid or worried or stressed.

Go for a walk for a few hours and you will find yourself so tired you literally don't have the energy to worry. Try it! It works!

How to reduce anxiety without moving a muscle? One easy and fast way is through listening to relaxing self hypnosis on mp3. You can download these directly to your computer and listen to them right away. For example, here is one on how to Reduce Fear & Anxiety

Surround Yourself With the Colour blue!

Research on the impact of colour has shown that looking at the colour blue is relaxing and soothing for people.

Why is this? Maybe this is something in our genetics - blue is the colour of the sky and the water?

palm trees blue sky

Just looking at the colour blue has an instant soothing effect and a measurable effect on our bodies - slowing down brain waves into an 'alpha' state and calming the adrenal glands - both of which are key in the control of anxiety.

Green also has a very calming effect. Think trees, forest, grasses.

Write Down the Worst That Can Happen

Defining the worst thing that can happen in a situation and what you could do about it is helpful in gaining perspective about the problem, and thereby reducing anxiety.

Write it all down - then when your mind decides to take it up again you can refer yourself to the page you have written -- the worst that can happen has already been defined and resolved -- therefore no need to keep thinking about it.

Get a Scrap of Paper and Doodle!

Doodling, especially circles is a calming activity as it engages the brain into creative rather than analytic mode.

Get Your Vitamins - Especially Vitamin B

How to reduce anxiety? Be sure to have enough B Vitamins!

Stress causes the body to use up Vitamin B at a rapid rate. Counteract this by taking a multi-vitamin and eating foods high in Vitamin B including eggs, mussels, sardines, tuna, bananas, avocadoes, potatoes, and brazil nuts.

Vitamin B supplements are also readily available.

Eat Tuna and Salmon

Tuna, salmon and many other fish are high in omega-3 fatty acids -- essential for lowering anxiety.

fish dish

However, eat these fish only twice a week at most due to the issue of metalic contaminants like mercury in the ocean which makes its way into the flesh of the fish.

Eat Good Fats!

People who are on very low fat diets become more easily stressed than those who consume fat in reasonable amounts.

Fats from extra virgin olive oil and flax seeds are especially good for you.

Talk To A Friend or a Therapist

Don't be afraid to ask for help!

The act of talking about something can have the effect of giving it perspective. Once it is talked about thoughts seem to stop racing through your mind.

And you have the added benefit of a sympathetic friend and perhaps in addition some advice or some help.


Studies have shown that the scent of lavendar and vanilla reduce stress and anxiety and can be more effective than prescription medication.

Try Self Hypnosis, Yoga, or Meditation

Some very pleasant ways how to reduce anxiety include activities such as yoga, self hypnosis, and meditation.

All of these activities calm and focus the mind. Once your mind is still and calm you will find that you are relaxed and in a better frame of mind to deal with your problems.

Most cities and towns have places where you can learn these helpful methods of relaxation. If yours does not there are many helpful sites online.

Herbal Remedies

Some natural herbs contain soothing calming ingredients that are helpful in reducing anxiety.

Herbal remedies work. Most prescription drugs are made using the active ingredients (or a synthetic copy) originally found in herbs.

Dandelion (yes - they are actually good for something!) , lemon grass, chamomile, valerian, catnip are some of the many herbs that are calming.

herbal tea

Try herbal teas (skip the ones with caffeine if you are feeling anxious or herbal homeopathic remedies.

Listen To Music

Listen to music that you find uplifting, soothing, or calming. Everyone is different, but research shows that classical tunes tend to have a relaxing effect.

Try These DIY Non-Medication Treatment Options

There are a variety of anxiety treatment programs out there created by ex panic attack and anxiety suffers. The prices are reasonable and you can download them immediately and start to help yourself right away.

Cost is less than a couple of sessions with a therapist and recovery record is quite high - there are different programs listed here.

See A Doctor

If you have trouble frequently with stress or your anxiety is intense, see a doctor. They will be able to help you find out how to reduce anxiety further.

More Information

For more information on how to reduce anxiety watch this video!

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