Methamphetamine Facts

What is a list of methamphetamine facts doing on a web site about anxiety, panic attacks and agoraphobia?

In addition to being called the most dangerous drug in the world, meth is one of the drugs that can cause extreme anxiety.

Sadly, some people begin to take methamphetamines as a way to try to feel happier, get away from inner emotional pain or even to feel less anxious.

Here's a short video about how this drug works, and how it eventually fails to work.

Extreme anxiety and panic attacks are experienced by meth users while taking this drug and also during withdrawal.

It is extremely addictive and well known for making people cut and pick at themselves due to a sense of feeling as though insects crawling on them, or as a means to try to soothe feeling of panic.

Sadly it is one of the most common methamphetamine facts that your sense of personal calm and comfort as well as your physical appearance will suffer from the use of this drug.

More Methamphetamine Facts

  • Extremely addictive
  • Acts upon the neurosynapses in the brain
  • Causes the sudden release of large amounts of dopamine
  • Causes a sense of extreme pleasure at first
  • As the drug wears off, the good feelings subside
  • Is a common cause of intense anxiety and panic in drug users
  • After initial high, a sense of very low mood, sadness, and anxiousness follows
  • more and more is required to attain the same good feeling
  • Using methamphetamine eventually interfers with the experience of happiness
  • Causes permanent damage to the brain

If you are currently taking methamphetamine or know someone who is, get help. This drug can destroy your life.