Panic And Anxiety Disorders In Children

When it comes to panic and anxiety disorders, children are just as vulnerable to getting them. Most people don't realize this. In fact, most people won't really know much about anxiety disorders.

It's very important to get help for your child as soon as you can. Sometimes, there may be a waiting period, so you need to act quickly. No child needs this agony prolonged.

Panic And Anxiety Disorders Are Treatable

Although it's quite a common problem, it's also difficult to diagnose. A child may be taken from one doctor to another. There may be lots of tests involved. This may all lead to nothing. It's hard and frustrating.

Once diagnosed though, it responds well to treatment. Here's a tip for parents reading this. Hopefully, it will spare you weeks, months or possibly years of frustration.

If you go from doctor to doctor and your child is given a clean bill of health, ask for a referral to a child psychiatrist. Never feel this is 'beneath you'. Your child's welfare is at stake.

Signs Of A Possible Problem

Here's just a few things you should keep an eye on. If your child is afraid of riding in an elevator, afraid of going out by themselves, afraid of going to school, complains of a lot of tummy aches, EXTREMELY shy; it's possible that there may be a problem.

The problem may actually develop several years later, believe it or not. Sometimes a child may go through 'weird' experiences or sensations and not know what it's about. Years later, it turns into an anxiety disorder. The point here is, don't disregard your child's complaints, if there are any.

As mentioned, as troubling and frightening as it may be (for your child and also to you, the parent), you can expect a positive outcome as far as treatment is concerned.

Behavioral therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and medication will provide improvement and relief. As a parent, you'll also need to understand more and be patient and extremely supportive.

You might want to consider other methods, not necessarily for treatment (although you can), but for maintenance, after improvement is made and confidence is gained.

For example, hypnosis (& self-hypnosis) is good. Natural products like PureCalm have been helpful and is safe. Perhaps getting your child involved in yoga, meditation or martial arts, which can be beneficial for panic and anxiety.

As for panic and anxiety disorders, children should be able to enjoy their childhood and their freedom. If it's taken away by mental illness, you can do something to give it right back.

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