Panic Attack At Work

Suffering from a panic attack at work can be very upsetting. When you're at work, you might want to keep certain things private, but having a panic attack can be really traumatic for you.

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The problem with panic attacks is that they can happen anywhere and at any time. NOTHING about panic attacks follows any logical rules. You can be quite stressed and still be fine; you think everything is ok and suddenly get one.

Panic Attack At Work? What to Do Next!

OMG - this is not what you wanted to have happen! A panic attack at work sounds like the death of your career dreams!

If this has happened to you, don't take it so seriously!

Here are a few things you should do.

1) Assess the situation - it may be that no one even noticed. Just go on with what you were doing.

2) If it is obvious that others have witnessed your panic attack, provide an explanation such as "I just wasn't feeling well all of the sudden." Or if it is someone you are very close to and trust - explain exactly what happened if you wish.

3) Be aware that you are under no legal obligation to disclose the details of any medical type issue. Prying eyes will have to settle for whatever explanation you choose to give them.

4) Most people witnessing a panic attack will likely be very sympathetic and may assume you are having a medical crisis. They may offer first aid or call an ambulance. Accept help.

5) If appropriate, you may let people know that you have experienced these symptoms before and that they will pass in time - not to worry. (You choose whether or not to give them details on what these symptoms are or what specifically is happening)

6) Try not to dwell on the panic attack episode or to think the worst. Like most things, they are talked about for only a short while - and then something more exciting comes along and your item is forgotten!

7) Get help! See a doctor - there are several underlying conditions such as a thyroid hormone imbalance which can cause panic attacks.

8) Help yourself! There are many excellent books on eliminating anxiety issues and panic attacks. There are also several good programs you can order online. Panic Away and The Linden Method are two programs you can download and immediately begin to help yourself - in the privacy of your own home!

Don't Delay! Act Now!

Left alone without some sort of treatment panic attacks can lead to panic disorder, which can lead to agoraphobia. This could result in being absent from work or worse, even lead to becoming unemployed.

Sufferers will go to extreme lengths to conceal their secret and will even resort to lying and making up excuses. This may eventually catch up with them and they may be let go.

Don't let this be you! It's easy to get help - do it now!

This is why it is VERY important to do something about the problem, because, as mentioned, one problem can so easily lead to other problems, including depression.

You CAN end This Suffering

Panic attacks and panic disorder are treatable conditions, but it will require work. Only by working at the problem and practicing will you eventually get better. There are things that can also reduce the frequency and intensity of attacks.

What Can You Do?

Medication: Taking medication (usually along with therapy - CBT is the most popular) can be helpful. There are many drugs available today, so one should be right for you. If something doesn't work, tell your doctor so that you can go onto something else.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): Cognitive Behavior therapy involves changing the way you preceive and react to situations, including the messages you tell yourself. Ask your doctor for a referral to a psychologist, or contact a psychologist that practices CBT yourself by looking through the yellow pages. CBT requires your active participation, and can be challenging, interesting, and helpfuls.

Want immediate help?

Take a look at these options that are available online.

Panic Away and The Linden Method are two drug-free programs created by ex-sufferers. Thousands have used their programs to overcome their issues and live normally and free of fear.

Self Hypnosis Tapes CD or MP3

Herbal Solutions and Homeopathy

If you've postponed looking for help but then suffered a panic attack at work, it's time you did something. There's no reason to keep suffering because you can get better!

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