Panic Attack Chest Pain or Something Else?

Panic attack chest pain is a common symptom of a panic attack.

Chest pain may have many causes. Obviously, rule out anything to do with your heart. You must also rule out other serious causes.


See your doctor!

There are cardiac and non-cardiac chest pains. Sometimes chest pain originates in the ribs, the diaphram, the muscles or the nerves.

Of course, a heart attack frequently causes chest pain and can exhibit very similar symptoms to a panic attack. Therefore it is critical that you eliminate heart attack or heart disease as possible factors in your chest pain.

Panic Attack Related Chest Pain

If you have been cleared of any heart disease related issues and other health concerns by your physician, you can still have pain in your chest during a panic attack and become worried about it.

You may be convinced that you are having a stroke, or seizure or heart attack the first time (and even subsequent times) you have a panic attack. The sensations are often so similar to a medical emergency!

It's not surprising that people rush to the emergency, since at the time, they don't realize it's panic-related.


Panic attack affects people differently. For those affected in the chest, here are some things you may feel or go through:

Chest pain, tightness, shortness of breath, palpitations, choking , sweating, nausea, dizziness. You may be rushed to the emergency room - only to be told you're fine (even though you were convinced you were dying).

What causes panic attack chest pain? A panic attack causes a sudden release of chemicals directly into your bloodstream. Since everything in our body is connected, this could cause you chest difficulties.

Things You Can Do

Here are things you should look into, to help reduce your panic-related chest problems. Remember, always start slowly. Always make sure you feel comfortable. Set aside time just for you:

Relaxation - use tapes or cds, yoga, music.

Exercise - stimulates endorphin release.

Deep breathing - learn the proper way.

Therapy - consider counseling or psychotherapy.

Diet - food DOES play a major role in panic.

Remember that in a panic attack chest pain is harmless. Once your doctor can confirm that it is not your heart but panic-related, then realize that it is completely harmless.

Be sure to check with your doctor to have any heart issues either dealt with or eliminated.

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