Panic Attack Disorder Facts

Have you had one or more panic attacks? Do you intensely fear having another? Do you feel like anxiety is starting to control your life and limit what you can achieve?

If so you may have Panic Attack Disorder.

A panic attack is one of the most terrifying experiences any person can go through, leaving you feeling shocked and distressed.

Although panic attacks are very unpleasant they will not cause you any physical harm. They are simply extreme experiences of anxiety.

It's when the experiences of panic become so terrifying that you start to fear the fear itself that you start to develop panic disorder. Do you fear having another panic attack and begin to worry excessively and/or avoid activities or places in an attempt to escape panic?

The following panic attack disorder facts may be helpful to you in determining how you can change your life to manage and cure panic and anxiety issues.

Panic Attack Disorder Facts - Statistics

In the United States alone, it is thought that over 4 million people suffer from panic attacks. The numbers are probably higher as many more may have not been formally diagnosed. Many may not even realize that they have had a panic attack as they have not been aware of panic attack disorder facts, signs and statistics.

Panic Attacks are an Anxiety Disorder

It’s estimated that 13% of the world has an anxiety disorder. That is a staggering statistic. That means 13 out of every 100 people have some kind of anxiety disorder - very likely someone you know!

How is Panic Disorder Diagnosed?

Panic attack disorder is diagnosed by your doctor using physical testing to eliminate any medical causes as well as information you provide on your own symptoms and the extent to which they interfer with your lifestyle.

Early Onset

Most of the time, panic disorder begins in the late teens and early adulthood. Other triggers for onset later in life include menopause, illness, traumatic events or excessive stress.

Life Limiting

When you find yourself deciding not to do things you used to enjoy because you are fearful of having a panic attack, you know you are developing panic disorder.

Untreated Panic Disorder Can Become Agoraphobia

Panic attack disorder can get worse and worse to the point that you only feel safe in certain places and mainly just stay at home. This is known as agoraphobia, which is even more serious. You can easily end up with no quality of life.

You Need Treatment To Get Better

Among other panic attack disorder facts is that it does not go away on its own. Despite well meaning people telling you "it’s not serious", or "it's all in your head", it is a real affliction and needs appropriate treatment.

Panic Attack Disorder Facts - Symptoms

Symptoms of a panic attack often include feeling dizzy & lightheaded, having difficulty breathing, heart palpitations or racing pounding heartbeat, sweating, trembling ,chest pain, nausea and/or stomach cramps, sense of unreality, fear of losing control, dying or going crazy.

When the fear of having another panic attack is so severe that it limits your life, you likely have panic disorder.

Causes of Panic Disorder

One of the panic attack disorder facts that so many people want to know is what exactly causes someone to have this illness?

Although highly researched, no one can confirm one single cause of panic attacks. It appears that there are a variety of factors that combine to causes a susceptibility to panic attacks.

Heredity, environmental issues, and learned behavior along with shortages or excess of certain chemicals that influence how the brain and body react.

Panic Attack Disorder Facts - Treatment

Of all the panic attack disorder facts this one is the best - you can get better with treatment!

Stop anxiety without medication!

There are many very effective treatment methods available. These include:

Interested in learning more? Need more information about these treatment methods and how you can get better - or help someone else to?

We cover all of these methods in detail on this site - including detailed info on theory, side effects, effectiveness and the best ways to select treatment that's best for you!

Check out the links and articles below for even more panic attack disorder facts, research, and treatment options.

BTW -- One concept critical to recovery from panic attack disorder is this key -- If you begin changing your thinking, it can lead to changing the way you react.

Stop anxiety without medication!

By utilizing a variety of treatment methods you can teach your brain to reprogram itself - there are various techniques to help you do this - from supplements, to relaxation techniques, to self help methods, therapy and hypnosis.

Changing your reaction gradually forces the brain to react differently. This makes the fear of panic attacks gradually disappear. It's one of the more interesting panic attack disorder facts!


Interesting Panic Attack Disorder Facts and Info


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