Kava - A Good Panic Attack Herb Treatment?

One " panic attack herb " that is getting alot of publicity lately is called Kava (Piper methysticum). It's part of the pepper family. In fact, Piper is the Latin word for pepper.

Some people think that this herb is an excellent natural cure for panic.

Kava has been proven scientifically to reduce anxiety and panic attacks. But Kava also has dangerous side effects for some people.

I personally first came across Kava while travelling in the South Pacific. It is used there as something of a social drink or recreational, spiritual drug of sorts.

Travel books for the South Pacific often mention that if you travel to remote islands you may be offered a drink of Kava as part of a welcome ceremony.

Natives of many South Pacific islands serve a this special drink made from plant roots at many special social occasions. Considered an important part of the islanders' social and religious lives, Kava's cultural role in the Pacific has been compared with that of wine in southern Europe.

On a trip to New Guinea I was actually offered a drink of Kava - I was thrilled and honoured but also kind of chickened out - and took only a small sip (you are supposed to down the whole thing in one gulp!)

South Pacific natives use it in moderation to achieve a state of tranquility, happiness, and contentment and claim that it does not have the unpleasant side effects of alcohol such as a hangover.

However too much has been known to cause loss of muscle control and extreme drowsiness.

Kava is a very potent natural herb that induces feelings of extreme relaxation and has been shown to be almost like a tranquilizer in its action.

So should you try it?

Just because something is "natural" doesn't mean that it is safe to use. Recent studies on Kava have shown that although it is very effective panic attack herb in relieving anxiety - it also have some extremely dangerous side effects.

Most doctors and scientists do not recommend taking it due to the risky side effects.

Don't Use Kava If You're Pregnant

Kava kava, as it's sometimes called, can be bought in health food stores. However, don't just go off and buy it. Speak to a specialist first. There have been many reports of this herb causing liver problems.

It is also not recommended for use by pregnant or lactating women.

Other Panic Attack Herb Treatments

Due to its side effects I wouldn't recommend taking Kava.

But there are several other herbs that are effective and much safer.

Passion flower and lemon balm are two alternatives to kava that produce anxiety-reducing effects. But be aware that if you are taking medication for a thyroid problem, then it's probably best not to take anything that contains passion flower.

Arguably, the most popular and well-known herbal preparation for panic attacks, anxiety disorders and depression is St. Johns Wort. It's probably used more for depression.

It seems to be quite effective for depression, if it's not severe. In general, St. Johns Wort seems to be well-tolerated.

If You Try Anything, Try PureCalm First

PureCalm is a highly recommended herbal product that provides stress relief naturally. It's quite safe and is non-addictive. It contains lavender, lemon balm and passion flower.

It can be used by adults as well as children. PureCalm seems to have a positive effect on serotonin levels, helping to create a proper balance of this neurotransmitter.

Again, don't use it if you're pregnant or taking thyroid, or indeed any other medication. This is just to be cautious. Otherwise, it's generally safe. They always have specials, like 'buy 2 and get 1 free'.

If you are looking for a panic attack herb for your panic attacks, PureCalm is a good one to try as it seems to contain the an effective herbal combination to lower anxiety.

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