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Site Organization

The organization of this site is very straightforward. Everything branches out from the home page menu. Here are the main sections.

Home - A brief overview of panic attacks and agoraphobia

Panic - Learn ways to handle it

Agoraphobia - Learn ways to overcome agoraphobia

Anxiety - Herbal Treatments

Anxiety Treatment Options


Discussion Forums


Hypnosis for Panic Disorder

Depression and Panic Disorder

Social Anxiety Disorder Treatments

Anxiety and Depression in Young Children

Menopause Anxiety

Nutrition and Diet

Site Map - Where you are now

Contact Us - Tell us how you're doing

Anxiety Panic Attack and Agoraphobia Blog - Sign up and stay current

Panic FAQ - Questions and answers

Phobias - A whole list of phobias with clickable links that takes you to a helpful resource.

Free Videos - Here, you will find short, informative mental health videos

Feel free to explore the site. It's not only for those who directly suffer from anxiety disorders. The information should help those affected indirectly; people such as partners, parents, other family members, dear friends etc.

You will find helpful resources for recovery. This is a very real illness that most people cannot understand. The irony is that sometimes, the sufferers don't understand either.

We hope that we have created some kind of awareness for panic attacks anxiety agoraphobia and that non-sufferers take it seriously. We sufferers need all the help we can get.

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