Self Hypnosis Instruction

Self hypnosis instruction will enable you to learn how to hypnotize yourself and gain a calmer more centered mind, feel more relaxed and peaceful, deal effectively with stress and acheive your goals.

I use self hypnosis myself and love the way it enables me to get a sense of calm, peace, relaxation and focus. It brings me a sense of being centered and in control. I am so thankful I found this technique and learned how to use it.

Self hypnosis is easy to learn, inexpensive, has no side effects, and can be done almost anywhere. In my experience the best way to learn how to use hypnosis yourself is to learn what it feels like and to train yourself how to experience this deep state of focused relaxation by first using guided sessions on CD or mp3. All you need is a quiet place where you can relax with minimal distractions, and a guided hypnosis CD or mp3.

Learn Self Hypnosis Using Guided Hypnosis

The best way to learn to let go and learn to get comfortable with the process of hypnosis is to use guided hypnosis first. You can then progress even further if you wish to doing it all on your own.

A skilled hypnotist is able to help you bypass the usual negative barriers that we all have that limit us - thoughts, ideas and beliefs about ourselves and the world that make us stuck where we are.

I use self hypnosis almost daily and find it to be one of the best ways to quiet my mind and relax my body. By listening to guided hypnosis CDs or downloads I find that I am able to reach such a state of calm that I can gain perspective on my problems and worries, and somehow see new possibilities for myself.

Although I also enjoy relaxation music, hypnosis tapes are more than that. They may include soothing music in the background but the main effect is from the guided thinking that the hypnotist send you through.

Self Hypnosis Instruction Step 1 - Ease Your Fears

You may find yourself a little hesitant to even try self hypnosis because it is something new and different. Some people might feel its a little weird, mystical or "spooky" or you may worry that you might lose control of your mind or give the hypnotist control over you.

Rest assured that you have complete control throughout the process and you can allow yourself to let go and give in to experiencing as much or as little as you feel ready to.

You will always be able to react to things in your environment if need be - in an emergency for instance.

Hypnosis is really just a deep state of relaxation and inner awareness. Through hypnosis you are able to bypass the negative thoughts and limiting beliefs we have about ourselves, and reprogram ourselves with new more healthy ones.

Self Hypnosis Instruction - Step 2 - Supplies

You will need to find hypnosis CDs or mp3s focused on the topic you are wanting help with.

There are hypnosis CDs and mp3s available in shops and online as well. You can choose one or two you like and download them immediately.

These are hypnosis sessions recorded by a certified hypnotist and they usually include soothing background music as well as hypnotic suggestions to help you acheive your goals.

Topics range from stress relief, weight loss, goal setting, becoming socially confident, forgiving others, reducing anxiety, and many others.

Below are some examples:

Build Your Self Confidence

Overcome Fears and Anxieties

Become More Relaxed

Feel More Comfortable Socially

Be sure to choose only sessions developed by qualified and certified hypnotists. You may find that the voice or style of one particular hypnotist meshes more with your own personality. You may want to try a few out until you find your favorite. Personally, I have a couple favorites but I find I can acheive results with most any certified hypnotist.

Self Hypnosis Instruction - Step 3 - Location

Find a suitable time and location where you can relax undisturbed for at least a half an hour.

A quiet slightly darkened room that is of comfortable temperature, where you won't be disturbed works best for most people. An alternative is to go outside to a restful spot in nature such as a quiet garden.

You can lie on a bed or sit in a comfortable chair.

Some people like to listen in bed prior to sleeping. If you have trouble sleeping or take awhile to fall asleep however this may be a perfect time for you. People say that you can acheive results faster this way as your body and mind will go directly into a sleep or dream state following the hypnosis and solidify the learning.

Since I have used guided self hypnosis mp3s daily I find that now I can use self hypnosis anywhere, anytime and no longer always need to use the tapes to guide me, if I don't have them accessible. I tend use both the guided self hypnosis and my own ability to self hypnotize as well.

Self Hypnosis Instruction Step 4 - Relax and Enjoy

All you need to do now is just let yourself relax and let yourself focus on the music and the words and the thoughts as much as you feel comfortable doing. Of course the more you allow yourself to let go and relax the more benefit you will get from the process.

You will find yourself increasingly attentive to the words and thoughts and to your inner mind and inner self. You find yourself dimly aware of external noises in your environment although easily react if there was an emergency.

When you are done, you will feel relaxed, refreshed, have a quieter mind and a more optimistic outlook.

Tips For Those Who Are Nervous About Hypnosis

Some people worry that a hypnotist will implant or suggest frightening, unusual or embarassing thoughts in their minds and are afraid to get hypnotized because of that.

Of course if you are a paranoid person by nature like I am, it is perfectly ok to listen to the contents of the whole self hypnosis CD and deliberately not allow yourself to get hypnotized - just to hear what is on it :)

Then once you have heard it all you can feel more comfortable just letting go the next time and allowing yourself to get relaxed and immerse yourself in the process - which is actually quite enjoyable.

Don't worry that you will become zonked out and lying there like a zombie unable to respond even if the house burned down around you because you were hypnotized!

Rest easy. It is not like that.

I hope this short session of self hypnosis instruction was helpful to you. I find hypnosis to be one of the best ways to get in touch with my inner self and take control of my mind and emotions.

I Hope This Self Hypnosis Instruction Helped

One of the great things about this, and especially using self hypnosis instruction is you can go at your own pace and it is perfectly ok to relax into it only as much as you want to.

As you feel yourself becoming more and more comfortable listening to hypnosis mp3 and CDs you will find that you will gain even more benefits from them.

Please let me know about your experiences and progress. I would love to hear from you!

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