Social Anxiety Disorder Treatment

If you have social anxiety disorder treatment is available and very effective. Even though you may feel it is hopeless, do not be discouraged because with time and effort you can start feeling confident socially.

Read about a person who is a social anxiety sufferer:

I was always shy as a kid. My parents figured I would just grow out of it. But that never happened. I always had trouble feeling comfortable around people, and never felt like I fit in.

In school I really never felt like I really had any friends and I was just more comfortable being alone frankly. But inside, I alos wished with all my heart that people would like me and that I could have fun and fit in.

I used to get so down on myself watching the social butterflies of the world easily and happily making friends, going to parties and enjoying the company of others while I just held back and watched. Why couldn't I be like them? What was wrong with me? This condition can be so isolating that it is easy to get discouraged and even become depressed.

I used to spend a great deal of time wishing I could be different and avoiding stressful situations that made me feel uncomfortable like parties, conventions, teams situations, and committees - any situation where I might have to be with new people and reveal myself as the lonely, boring afraid person that I felt I was.

At one point I told my doctor how I was feeling and he told me about several social anxiety disorder treatments.

This is what my doctor told me about:


CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy is widely used and very effective. This form of treatment helps you to learn to change your thoughts about social situations to calmer, more helpful and realistic ones. One of the most important things to do is to change your thinking. Half the battle will be won right here.

In CBT you also learn new behaviors to enhance your skills and to respond more effectively to socializing with others. You will also gradually conquer your most feared situations, through exposure therapy, and learn to be at ease through building upon consecutive successes.

Group therapy is also useful. Sometimes, it is good to share with others in a similar position. Everyone can learn and share strategies.

It's a relief to meet others who also struggle with the same issues and understadn where you are coming from. I found that I didn't keep telling myself I was such a freak once I met other people who also had social issues. Friendships may develop in gorup therapy too or there may be structured events coordinated by the therapist - perhaps going out and applying what you've learned together.

Self Help Programs

There are a variety of self help programs and social skills programs available where you can teach yourself to develop a greater level of comfort in meeting and interacting with new people and developing better social skills.

Enhancing your ability to interact confidently with others will help immensely in reducing social anxiety.

If you feel you have severe social phobia you may want to take a look at this program which is available online.

Consider joining this excellent program for social anxiety disorder treatment. There is a specific program to help you with social anxiety. Click the banner for more information.

Medication Options

Medication as a social anxiety disorder treatment method is a highly controversial topic.

However, some people feel so distressed and limited by social phobias that they become very withdrawn and depressed to the extent that their doctors may recommend that they try medication.

Medication won't really cure social anxiety, only learning new thought patterns and skills will do that. But medications can give you a temporary break from symptoms.

Only 3 drugs have been approved by the FDA for social anxiety; Paxil, Zoloft, and Effexor. These are all antidepressants which also relieve anxiety. They may not be suitable for children or adolescents.

Although not officially approved as a social anxiety disorder treatment , benzodiazepines and Monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOI's) are also sometimes a prescribed social anxiety disorder treatment drug. Use all drugs with caution and be aware of their possible side effects.

Side Effects

Sometimes, you may get bad side effects from drugs. If these go on, you should go on something else. Always tell your doctor if you feel there is a problem.

You may also want to consider alternative natural herbal treatment. They generally have fewer side effects and may be slower, but better for you in the long term..

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