Therapy Options for Anxiety

Cognitive Behavior Therapy for anxiety disorders is generally a very effective treatment.

The length of treatment depends on the severity of your problem, as not everyone is the same. The length of time you have been suffering, your lifestyle, your finances and your personality all factor into the type of treatment that may be best suited for you.

The very best way to successfully resolve and manage anxiety issues is some form of cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) coupled with sustained lifestyle changes.

You can ideally obtain the benefits of CBT by working with a therapist, or if that is not practical or possible there are several other self help alternatives such as books, workbooks and programs that utilize the concepts of cognitive behavior therapy.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy ("CBT") is Best

CBT has been proven to be the most effective form of psychological therapy for the treatment of anxiety. This form of therapy has the goal of changing your current thoughts, feelings and behaviors - as opposed to spending time on reflecting on your past.

Even if you did spend the time to fully understand exactly why you feel anxious, you would likely still have anxiety issues. Cognitive therapy circumvents most of the analysis of "why" and gets quickly into working on moving forward into more effective thinking patterns and actions.

You can change your thoughts, perceptions and behaviors.

man talking with a therapist!

We recommend that you specifically seek out a well qualified therapist who specializes in CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy) . All therapeutic philosophies are not alike and not all methods are as successful as cognitive behavior therapy is for anxiety related issues.

CBT will help you to re-teach your mind how to interpret things in a healthier way. Once you perceive things differently, you will start to feel differently and your whole world will change for the better.

Change Your Thoughts & Change Your Life

You will learn that you can change your perceptions of things that happen to you and around you and that you can change your thoughts and reactions too. For example, you can learn to eliminate negative and irrational thoughts regarding panic attacks.

Through CBT you will learn to face your fears and deliberately challenge yourself to experience anxiety until it no longer has power over you. You can progress and improve your lifestyle until anxiety no longer controls you so much!

For someone who has agoraphobia, treatment will likely include, for example, first picturing yourself walking to the corner store. Then it will eventually involve going to the store by yourself.

You start to learn by thinking and acting differently. Eventually, you begin to push more and more and make tremendous progress.

You will meet with your therapist on a regular basis. You can also expect to complete "homework" assignments to do on your own and report back on the next meeting.

Most appointments take a little less than 1 hour and most therapists encourage patients to attend about once a week. This gives patients time to practice what they have learned as well as to reflect on changing thought patterns.

Individual sessions typically cost between $100 to $300 per hour. Most therapists recommend at least 12 sessions at a minimum.

Check with your health insurance to see if part of this cost is covered. Also if you have a low income you may be eligible for government assistance.

Be sure to select a therapist that is board certified and has training in CBT.

Benefit Of Therapy Groups

Your therapist may suggest working in a group as part of your treatment. This method can also be quite effective. A group setting can be beneficial because you don't feel alone; you don't feel you're the only one with the problem. You meet others with similar problems.

You're able to share as well as learn from others. You are able to offer and receive emotional support. These are people who genuinely know how you feel.

Your Whole Life Will Change!

If you are currently having issues with anxiety in any way, it is so important to start to help yourself in some way. The sooner you start the sooner you can start to feel better and begin your new life - one where you are comfortable and confident.

Another way to get group support is to join an online forum. See what others have to say. Gain confidence by participating online.

Stop anxiety without medication!

Imagine the happiness you start to feel once again, as you notice your progress! You can do this!

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