Treating Teenage Anxiety And Depression

Treating teenage anxiety and depression can be done successfully by using proven methods. Once a diagnosis has been made, it's important to seek treatment quickly.

Teenage Depression

It's surprising to note that teenage depression is quite high. In America alone, it's estimated that nearly 1 out of 33 teens have depression. Several hundred thousand of these attempt suicide.

Approximately 5,000 unfortunately pull it off. This, believe it or not, is one of the major causes of teenage deaths. The irony is that depression is treatable, which is why it's so important to act quickly.

Many who don't succeed in taking their life will try or consider doing it again. It's important for parents to be open enough to the possibility of their child's depression and not to dismiss it as "oh, it's just a phase".

If symptoms last for weeks or even months, it should not be viewed as a phase. Things to look out for are crying, irritability, withdrawal from everyone, lack of energy, appetite changes, feeling useless and hopeless, feeling sad a lot, sleeping difficulty and thoughts of death.

There are many other signs and symptoms. It's important for a parent to at least familiarize themselves with teen depression. It's equally important for a teen to do so as well, and hopefully, seek help. Treating teenage anxiety and depression is a serious matter.

Teen Depression Treatment

The only drug that's been approved for children and adolescents is Prozac. Cognitive behavioral therapy is quite effective. Support groups can also be helpful as the teen is involved in a setting where there are others he or she can relate to. They don't feel alone.

Hypnosis can also help in treating teenage anxiety and depression. Natural or herbal remedies have also shown some to be quite effective. These will have fewer side effects.

One such product is MindSoothe Jr. Another one is Triple Complex Mood Tonic. These products are also safe for children as well as being beneficial.

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Parents can help by being involved in treatment. They need to be understanding and patient and encourage social activities as well as exercise, which can be helpful.

Having said this, it is no doubt extremely difficult for parents as well. You need to take care of yourselves too.

Here's a very good resource for depression which you can download for free:

Teenage Anxiety

The teen years bring so many changes that it will cause anxious moments. Teenage anxiety becomes an issue when they have a problem functioning properly on a daily basis.

These can bring about frightening physical sensations like dizziness and heart palpitations. Treatment can involve medication as well as cognitive behavioral therapy and sometimes a combination, which tend to work really well.

Herbal remedies have also been helpful in treating teenage anxiety and depression. One product for panic and anxiety that has been highly spoken of is called PureCalm. (Get More Information on PureCalm for Anxiety & Panic Attacks.) It's safe enough for teenagers as well. Always speak with your health care professional before taking anything and work closely with them.

Here's a resource that provides information on teen anxiety: Treatment for anxiety disorders can be similar. The one thing you MUST do is to look into treating teenage anxiety and depression. It can be done.

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