Treatment Of Childhood Anxiety Disorder

The treatment of childhood anxiety disorder is of utmost importance. Not many people even realize that children can get the same kind of mental illnesses that adults get.

A child can get an anxiety disorder at anytime of his/her life. There are several anxiety disorders and it may surface at different ages. For example, separation anxiety at an early age; general anxiety in their teens.

Everyone has some form of anxiety. It's part of being human. However,it becomes a disorder when it interferes with daily living, or prevents you from living a normal life. It becomes a disability.


Since each child is different, treatment varies depending upon the child's needs. Luckily, anxiety disorders are treatable. They are also very effective with a high success rate in terms of recovery.

The most effective treatment is a combination of medication and some form of therapy. Here's a list of treatments available:


-Cognitive behavioral therapy

-Family therapy (it may be helpful even for a parent to have counseling).


-Support groups (this lets a child know that he or she is not alone and there are other children involved as well).

List Of Some Anxiety Disorders

-Separation anxiety disorder

-Panic disorder (with or without agoraphobia)

-Specific phobia

-Social phobia

-Obsessive compulsive disorder

-General anxiety disorder

-Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

-Selective mutism - a child may not want to speak in certain situations. It's a complex disorder that can be quite hard to overcome.

-Trichotillomania - a child may be compelled to pull out their hair, generally on their head, but also the eyebrows and sometimes the eyelashes.

High Percentage Of Anxiety In Children

The number of children with anxiety disorders will be higher than is reported. This is because it can be very difficult to acknowledge and accept, particularly for parents.

Many children will go undiagnosed and not receive the help they require. Hopefully, with more emphasis placed on mental health, the treatment of childhood anxiety disorder will get the desperate attention it deserves.

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