Vitamins For Anxiety

It might surprise you that taking vitamins for anxiety can be one of the most effective natural treatments for reducing anxiety.


Did you know that in spite of the abundant availability of food in North America most people are deficient in essential vitamins and minerals?

Eating So Much But Still Vitamin Deficient

You would think that with so much food available to us we would all have excess quantities of vitamins and minerals in our diets.

But because many of us eat processed foods, junk food, and high sugar and fat diets most of the food we eat is not much more than calories.

junk food galore

In spite of soaring obesity rates, and vast amounts of food consumed the average North American is missing out on good nutrition. Even people who are careful with their diets can be low on various vitamins and minerals due to toxins in our food supply and stressful lives which can quickly deplete the body of these essentials.

Vitamin Deficiencies Can Cause Anxiety

Vitamins play key roles in the chemical reactions that occur within our bodies. If sufficient amounts of a vitamin are not present our bodies cannot function correctly.

You probably remember learning about vitamin deficiency in history lessons at school. The classic example is scurvy, which was once common among sailors and pirates from a lack of access to fresh fruits and vegetables while at sea. Scurvy results in spotty pale skin, spongy gums, depression and unusual bleeding. The well documented cure for scurvy is Vitamin C.

Vitamins play an essential role in our metabolism and brain function. Shortages in vitamins often cause anxiety or depression.

Taking Vitamins For Anxiety Makes Sense!

Taking multi vitamins for anxiety along with extra supplements of other vitamins and minerals just makes sense if you suffer from anxiety! They are easy to take and inexpensive too!

The B Vitamins are known to be depleted by chronic stress, poor diet, illness and exposure to toxins. The symptoms of Vitamin B deficiency include irritability, restlessness, anxiety, fatigue and emotional instability.

Vitamin D is also getting a great deal of publicity and media attention lately. Recent studies have shown that the majority of North Americans have insufficient levels of Vitamin D. This vitamin is present naturally in very few foods and severe deficiencies cause a disease called rickets. Vitamin D is important in building strong bones and in healthy mood maintenance. One symptom of insufficient Vitamin D is anxiety sensations.

It's Easy! Taking Vitamins for Anxiety Works!

Taking vitamins for anxiety is a simple and inexpensive way to be sure that a deficiency is not causing your anxiety symptoms. As long as you take them at recommended levels you will only be enhancing your health as well as stabilizing your mood.

Anything you can do to reduce the ambient levels of anxiety in your system will help you to relax more often and be less vulnerable to anxious feelings, racing thoughts and panic attacks. Vitamins, along with a healthy diet and lots of exercise are the key to a strong and healthy foundation for good physical and mental health.

Do you want to take vitamins but hate large pills?

There are many forms of vitamins available including liquid, as seen in the liquid Vitamin D sample just below.

Liquid Emulsified Vitamin D3, 1 fl oz

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