Wellbutrin And Panic Disorder

Wellbutrin and panic disorder is probably not a good combination. Wellbutrin should be taken with great care. Though it is an antidepressant and doctors will prescribe antidepressants for panic disorder, there are many other options.


Wellbutrin is probabably known more for helping someone to stop smoking. It is sold under the name Zyban. Zyban is only for smoking and not for depression or panic disorder.

You may be better off trying something else for your panic disorder. Wellbutrin and panic disorder does not have to be your combination.

Dangers of Wellbutrin

Wellbutrin does come with warnings. It may increase your risk of getting a seizure. You may also experience suicidal thoughts or thoughts of harming yourself. You may initially experience mood changes.

If you already have a panic disorder, which is difficult enough, why would you put yourself in this position? The last thing you need is too feel more anxious, right?

Panic attacks are unpredictable. A person will go through hell and back. Panic attacks can be incredibly misleading, because you feel physical symptoms similar to life-threatening situations, like a heart attack.

Wellbutrin is more effective for depression. Again, each person is different and it might not be for you. What works well for one person may have no effect on you.

Educate yourself

You are reading this because you have the internet. Use it to educate yourself. If you see your doctor, and they want to prescribe something for you, look into it before taking it.

It is your right to question everything. After all, it's your life.

Trust yourself and if you are not happy, find another doctor, or look into alternative treatments. Never feel that drugs are the only way. There are many effective options for you, but if you're happy with drugs, then stick with what works. Wellbutrin and panic disorder do not go together.

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